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Mermaid's Salvation
Hydrating • Tropical • Beautiful

Yes, Mermaids do get dry skin too! If you are a beach-bum at heart and love
the waves, the sea and sun, you most likely will need a little pick me up with
moisture on the skin and lips on the fly! Sweet almond, coconut and olive oil are infused in this beauty balm with seaweed (kelp) which helps to promote elasticity in skin among one of the many benefits! Calendula flowers also infused in the oil promote
over-all wellness and supple skin to maintain our poised, beautiful selves.

Good Stuff Inside: 
Vanilla & Coconut scent

Sweet almond and olive oil infused with kelp (seaweed), vitamin e oil, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and fragrance oil (vanilla and coconut)